Some random iPhone stuff

Have fun ...

Using gdb to debug on the iPhone (no need for OSX)

The goal here is to debug application on real-hardware. To do that you must follow some conditions :

Using XCode with Pwned iPhone

The idea here is to use the official SDK to create applications without having to pay for an 'official' certificate and provisioning profile.

Note that the instructions here are experimental. I can't be held responsible for whatever happens if you try them ... That being said, I can hardly imagine any issue that couldn't be solved by a DFU restore ...

Make Build & Go" + Debugging works

If you're not a fully registred / paying developer, you can use XCode to compile apps but some functions won't work. Like the 'Build & go' button, the automatic signing or the debugger. It's however possible to make them work ! Just follow the steps ...

Deciphering protected Applications

Some applications on the iPhone are ciphered. This can be a problem if you want to study / extend them or whatever. So here's a quick explanation on one applicable method to go around it.

DO NOT USE THIS TO PIRATE/DISTRIBUTE AppStore applications. First because this is illegal and wrong and as a developer you should know that. But also because you'd be caught quickly since this method doesn't remove your personal iTunes account infos from the package bundle.

This is not a step by step how-to but if you have a valid reason for wanting to decompile such apps you'll know how to fill-in the gaps.

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